Welcome to the SRIMHAA website!

The Shetland Rural Islands Maritime Heritage Asset Atlas Project is a Heritage Lottery Funded project. The project aims to look at both the physical and intangible maritime heritage found around Shetland’s shores.

The initial phase of the project focused on Fair Isle, Papa Stour and Out Skerries with volunteers helping to map remains on the shoreline and to research interesting topics in the archives. There are reports of what was found and how the funding from the heritage lottery was used which will be available in the download section of the website in due course. A book was also published called From Myths to Meids: Maritime Heritage in Fair Isle, Papa Stour and Out Skerries which you can buy from several local retailers in Shetland or download for free as a PDF!

All data collected will be available online for anybody to use and will be given to the Shetland Museum and Archives as well. If you are interested in getting involved as an individual or a group please fill in a contact form or email us directly at maritimeheritageproject@uhi.ac.uk. You can also keep up to date with the project through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, links can be found on the homepage.

COVID-19 Update

The plan for 2020 was to organise some trips to do more mapping exercises however these are now on hold (hopefully only temporarily!). Although we cannot organise group activities, if you are heading out for a walk as individuals (please abide by UK government and NHS guidelines) you can use the Shetland Heritage Map to upload any information you gather. Alternatively you can email it to maritimeheritageproject@uhi.ac.uk and it can then be added to the database. There is lots of useful information on recording sites and how to upload information available in the downloads section of the website.