We are now into the Hairst with the weather getting wetter and not long until the clocks change to give us all an extra hour in bed!

October highlights:  Our book of the month is Seafood Recipes created by Seafish chef ambassadors and we are learning about whale song in our kids book. Our  fish of the month is the Atlantic Salmon and the project of the month is The PANDORA project. Check out the Heritage topic this month which looks at Shetland’s relationship with whaling and in this months what’s on section we look at Love Seafood Social and Unblocktober.

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Can you believe it is August already! With lockdown restrictions easing slowly it is a great time to get out around the Shetland coast.

August highlights:  Herring Tales by Donald S. Murray is our book of the month and we are exploring the deep ocean in our kids book. Our activity is rockpooling and our fish of the month is the Atlantic Herring. Check out the Heritage topic this month which looks at the Herring Stations that were dotted across Shetland.

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June highlights:

The Shetland Community Wildlife Group, Cadet programme, Shetland Lighthouses, Scallops, How to make your own lighthouse and information about World Oceans Day and the Day of the Seafarer! Continue reading “June”

March: Year of Coasts & Waters 2020

March highlights:

Modern Apprenticeships, promoting women with International Women’ Day 2020, looking at historical and modern day uses of seaweed and a great Cod Kebab recipe from Da Haaf Restaurant! Continue reading “March: Year of Coasts & Waters 2020”